One of my most fortunate and favourite design jobs to date wasn’t necessarily the most complicated or work heavy, but it garnered the sort of attention that any man who has been to space deserves.

While attending Georgian College, in my final year I cam across a job posting from the college itself seeking a creative individual to help develop a logo and concept for an upcoming Education Technology Conference featuring Keynote Speaker; Commander Chris Hadfield. I jumped at the opportunity to submit some samples of my work and waited patiently to hear back from them. This was a great a great opportunity and when I received the call back to come in and meet with the committee responsible for organizing this event I was very excited.

My concept was implemented across the marketing and branding for the conference and was all over the school. It was a really cool feeling to see my work presented on such a large scale. I really appreciated this opportunity and hope that the future leads to more just like this.

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